YoNav! Apple Watch GPS

A Simple GPS App That Just Works

YoNav! Apple Watch GPS

A Simple GPS App That Just Works

A new era of GPS has arrived.


Eliminate Devices

The YoNav! GPS app lets you leave your iPhone behind. Your Apple Watch Series 2 becomes the only device you need.


Simplify Navigation

No complicated menus. You decide what information to show. The YoNav! GPS App just works.


Everything You Need

Core navigation telemetry, speed, position, course, VMG, waypoints. It’s all there and you chose what to view.


Sailing Timer

Built in Sailing Start Timer. The YoNav! GPS App has a customizable start timer with haptic feedback (vibration and sound) at intervals during the countdown.

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Find out for yourself just how easy GPS can be.


Track and Map Your Activity

YoNav! will track and map your activity (on iPhone) using color coded tracks to show speed variations. Tracking can be turned on and off from the watch. Tracks can be uploaded to the iPhone once you are back in range.

Display Important Telemetry

All the information you expect from a handheld GPS is at your fingertips. YoNav! can display 1 to 4 separate data fields. Available data fields are speed, course, bearing to waypoint, velocity made good, distance off course, distance to waypoint, and many others. All telemetry can be displayed in the unit system of your choice.

Built in Sailing Countdown Timer

Are you a sailor? Do you want to nail the perfect start? Use the built-in timer to countdown from the duration you choose. Haptic (vibration and sound) feedback occurs at intervals during the countdown. The tracking automatically begins as soon as the timer reaches zero. You can ensure your sailboat is moving at full speed at every start.

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Change The Way You GPS

YoNav! leverages the latest features of the Apple Watch Series 2 to put a cutting-edge waterproof standalone GPS on your wrist. There is no need to be tethered to your iPhone anymore. YoNav! on the Apple Watch Series 2 is 100% stand alone for tracking and telemetry. What sets YoNav! apart is the efficiency of data. There is no clutter, no complicated menus, just a GPS app that works.

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